Lizi’s specialises in producing granola that is tailored to your individual dietary needs. That’s why in each of our granola collections you’ll find specialist dietary options including gluten free, high protein, and low sugar as well as our original granola. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy a delicious and healthy bowl of granola for breakfast no matter their dietary requirements.

We use our completely natural ingredients to create delicious flavours such as treacle & pecan granola, pink apple & cinnamon granola and many more. Our grandola stands out for its natural yet innovative flavours that keep our customers coming back for bowl after bowl!

Everyone deserves an energising breakfast!

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Our Brands

  • Alfez Authentic - Moroccan and Lebanese Food +

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  • Aquilae Canicatti Sicilian Wines +

    From the heart of Sicily and the coasts of Agrigento, Read More
  • Argo Gum Pop Lollipops +

  • Aromito +

  • Balmi +

  • Bartons Pickles +

  • Brio +

    Kitchen rolls in 2 different sizes for domestic use. A Read More
  • Caramel Bars / Nougat Bars / Pop Corn +

    Caramel Bars for a sweet break!Nougat Bars to satisfy expectations Read More
  • Chocoflakes – The Wildest Breakfast +

  • Cola Cao +

    Instant drinking chocolate easy to dissolve in hot or cold Read More
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