• Gavi docg –Piedmont region. One of those rare, Italian wines that you can easily down on its own. This is a fruit-forward, unoaked white blend that's incredibly fruit forward, fresh, dry and aromatic.
  • Dolcetto d’Alba doc – Piedmont region.  This Dolcetto wine comes from the hills surrounding Alba, where the grapevine has got its superior native land.  It is young and fruity, with intense, dry and bitterish taste.
  • Barbaresco docg Marne Forti  – Piedmont region. The grapes are Nebbiolo, the soil is that among Barbaresco, Neive and Treiso.  The wine is garnet red, with fruity and spicy smell, warm and full taste.
  • Barolo docg Marne Forti – Piedmont region.  The Nebbiolo vineyards on the hills of Barolo and its surroundings give this Barolo wine with its valuable characteristics, garnet red colour, complex smell and full taste.
  • Barbera d’Asti docg – Piedmont region.  This Barbera wine originates from the very heart of the Montferrat area: it has got definite characters, garnet red colour, complex smell, intense and full taste.
  • Piemonte Cortese doc – Piedmont region.  Among Piedmont wines, Piemonte Cortese stands out.  It comes from the Montferrat hills: it is white, fragrant, tasty and moderately alcoholic.

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