Cuetara Oceanix Biscuits

Cuetera Oceanix biscuits are a kids' favorite!

Two varieties available; MINI CHOCOLATE BISCUITS (pack of 3) with marine life-inspired mini chocolate biscuits, or TURTLE EGGS (pack of 4) consiting in chocolate chip cookies. 

HISPANIA Extra Virgin Olive Oils

From the mountains of the South of Cordoba in Spain, are produced some of the best olive oils of the world, well known from ancient times due to their extraordinary quality.

Oils from this area are notable for their great taste and their properties, and are the result of the varietal diversity of centenary olive trees, careful techniques of cultivation and harvest, and the care, passion and experience contributed by producers in the obtaining and elaboration of this precious liquid gold.

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FRUMEN, Coatings & Breadcrumbs

- Panko Japanese Style coating, extra fluffy and crunchy.
- Lemon coating, a prepared mix for ovens.
- New York Style coating lightly spiced.
- Mix Burger, for tasty burgers.
- Natural breadcrumbs, perfect for any recipe.

Alfez Authentic - Moroccan and Lebanese Food

A delightful selection of North African and Middle Eastern inspired products.

Sauces, dressings, spice blends and core ingredients to quickly and easily recreate Moroccan and Lebanese classics: From mouthwatering Tagines to Spiced Couscous and from delicious Falafel to aromatic Kebabs.
- Falafel
- Couscous Range
- Moroccan Tagine Sauces
- Spice Blends
- Tahini
- Harissa
- Houmous
- Tabouleh

Inspired Dining - Atkins & Potts

Finishing sauces – Chef inspired finishing sauces are quick to use by just adding them to your favourite meat, fish, game or poultry.
World sauces – Ready to cook sauces made by using recipes in a home-cooking style.
Pasta Sauces – Quick to use, flavour packed sauces that are perfect with your favourite pasta cooked “al dente”.

Bartons Pickles

Bartons delicious range of pickles, sauces and chutneys have been perfected over four generations.

The range – Piccalilli, Sweet Onions, Traditional Pickled Onions, Mango Chutney, Mint Sauce and Pickled Eggs


Don’t go fishing we did it for you! Authentic Greek fish products.

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